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Your phone can be ringing with new leads for your business led directly to you by Google Guarantee—and Baseline Creative can help make that connection for you. Google products change often and can be hard to navigate. Our digital marketing team can bridge the gap between you and Google to bring customers directly to you.

Can I sign up myself or do I have to go through Baseline Creative?

You can absolutely sign up yourself, however our experts make the process much smoother and less time consuming as Google frequently changes their processes.

What does Google Guarantee exactly?

The Google Guarantee lets customers know they have pre-screened your business and you can be trusted to do quality work. Google will reimburse customers up to $2,000 if they have an issue with your work. This doesn’t cost your business anything.

Once I’m signed up, what’s involved?

You will have access to a dashboard in which you can listen to the calls generated by Google Guarantee that you can manage yourself, or Baseline Creative can manage call screening and provide additional assistance.

What’s the difference between Baseline Creative's $250 set up and the $500 full property audit and set up?

For $250 Baseline Creative can set up your Google Guarantee account—saving you a ton of time. For $500, Baseline will review all your Google properties to make sure you are fully optimized for search engines. If you’re not, we can help!

How do I know if I’m being charged for an actual lead?

In your Google Guarantee dashboard, you can access the calls made to your business from the Google Guarantee ad. Listen to those calls to see which are actual leads and not, for instance, a caller inquiring about a service you do not provide. You may dispute leads to Google in certain cases.

How am I charged?

You are in control of your budget and can set your Google Guarantee ads for as many or as few leads as you’re willing to pay for. Your credit card is connected to the account and you are auto-billed each month. Baseline Creative only retains billing information for those using our monthly services.

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Why Google

Google Guarantee displays at the top of search and lets leads know your business has been vetted, and Google stands by your business enough to guarantee good service. When the lead clicks on your Google Guarantee, it sends the customer to your business phone. Your team takes it from there to secure a sale.
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Why Baseline Creative?

As a full-service marketing agency in operation since 2005, we have a Google certified team who keeps up on the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. We can set up your Google Guarantee account quickly and also offer Google property audit and optimization for more in-depth needs. We answer questions quickly and honestly and don’t try to sell you on services you don’t actually need.

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  • Quick, helpful, enthusiastic and professional! Baseline is an agile and solution-based company with an open-door policy to meet your needs. Highly recommended.

    J. Alexander

  • Nathan and team have always been a pleasure to deal with! They made the overwhelming feeling of creating the perfect website, painless. As a small company money is always tight, so I really appreciated the fees here vs what it could have cost with other companies. Due to the honest nature of business and charges at Baseline, we have been able to utilize other services that have shown instant benefit to our company and growth. Keep up the good work Baseline and team.

    P. Johnson

  • Nathan and his team worked quickly to deliver a quality product. I'd recommend this team to any business owner.

    D. Wernert

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  • Took the time to listen and the final website really showed it. Would highly recommend. The minute you walk in the door your website problems are over. They completely understand the needs of a business. I can't recommend this company enough!!

    R. Bible

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